Monday, September 29, 2008

Animatic with animation

Okay, guys. Finally I have something to put on this thing. Sorry for the lack of updates, but Frame Thief is a huge jerk, and I am forced to take my image sequences into After Effects and render them out from there. That takes a while, so I've been lazy and ended up doing it all today. That probably took longer than doing each one individually, so that's what I get for being a lazy kid.

Anyway, I realize there is a problem with pacing going on because I couldn't see how much down time I needed between shots until I put them all together in Premiere. I tried to fix it up real quick-like by putting an individual frame before and after problem shots, but it's still a little off. That's easy enough to fix, though.

This is really all about the animation anyway, which I'm guessing could use some fine-tuning. I plan on doing that part during the clean-up phase of my film, though, because I can't afford to go back and redo stuff right now. I have so much work to do next week. What was I thinking when I made this schedule? Frowns all around.

The clip I know needs some work is the one where the cowboy shoots at the bottles on the wall after taking off his hat. I'll try and do better with uploading pencil tests as I do them, honest.

Rawhide Animatic with Animation from Carder Scholin on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Pencil Test...or not.

Well, this blog post was going to be about my first pencil test, but I apparently don't know how to export from FrameThief in such a way that it will upload properly to Vimeo/Blogger. It works just fine on my Mac, but won't work on a PC. I've tried renaming the extension and changing the compressor, but nothing. I'll have to figure that out. In the meantime, here's some negative stuff.

The shot was supposed to be of the cowboy after he's killed the villain. He looks pleased and then the damsel coughs and he realizes she's still on the tracks.

I don't know why I decided to do a movie where I'm forced to animate cowboy hats. I must hate myself. The good thing about this shot is that, if the hat isn't working for someone (it seems alright to me, but what do I know?), I can cut the animation to where he's just standing still and then his face changes.

This shot was worth 7.5 points on that system that Cartoon Network uses. 7.5 out of my total, which is 954. Hah... That means I have to do 63.6 points a week. I'm not totally sure how I'm going to manage that.

I tried reevaluating my point system, and then I decided I'd just calculate how much I should do a week in seconds. It came to 17 seconds a week, which is not impossible, but sounds like a load of stress I don't need to have on my shoulders. The shot I did yesterday and today took probably about three, maybe four, hours total, and it's only 2.5 seconds. Granted a lot of it was learning to animate a cowboy hat, but I'm still not totally secure on that subject. I'm going to take the red marker to my movie tomorrow and see what I can cut out. Even extending my film's rough animation due date to the end of February only brought me down to over 11 seconds a week. I realize I should be working on this film pretty consistently, and I want to, but knowing something like that is more discouraging than anything. It just makes me panic and makes the film seem undoable.

So tomorrow, after cuts, I'm going to hopefully have a more lighthearted number. And then maybe I'll finish that early and be able to insert some of the cuts back into the film. I should probably cut my film to the bare necessities anyway, right? I mean just to make sure I can get the plot to work no matter what.

Welp, what a downer.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Final revision

This is it. My final storyboard revision. Ok, maybe not my final one, but the last one I'm allowing myself to do because I have got to start animating this week. I'm thinking my first few shots will be easier ones, just to get back into the swing of things. Example: the shot of the cowboy looking smug and then realizing the damsel is still on the tracks. I also really want to animate the ending with the big hat, though. Note: it's going to be a lot bigger and more ostentatious than what it appears to be in the animatic. I just got lazy or whatever.

Also note: the section where the cowboy is running through the zombies after his hat is going to be a pan, not just a shot of him running in and out of frame. Or it could just be a shot of him running in and out of frame if I get pressed for time. I'm not picky.

Here's the new animatic, I hope it fixes all my problems and is a miracle film:

Untitled from Carder Scholin on Vimeo.

I'm excited to start animating, but then I realize how much I have to do so I get scared and sort of freeze up. I'm going to assume that's natural. I think there are probably even more cuts to make to my story, which is always a positive thing.

My next non-animation related goal for this film is to draw out a sheet of paper with various angles and poses of both the cowboy's hat and his gun(s). More like gun since the guns are the same thing.